Data and Codebooks

If no link or link does not work, data set available upon request.

Data set for “Pre-Colonial Institutions…” (PRQ 2000)

Data set for “Solving the Mystery…” (World Development 2000)

Data set for State Legitimacy… (LRP 2000)

“Horizontal legitimacy” variable from State Legitimacy… (LRP 2000), available upon request.

Country data set for “Dismemberment…” (CPS 2002)

Border data set for “Dismemberment…” (CPS 2002)

Codebook and data appendix for “Dismemberment…” (CPS 2002) available upon request (if I can find it).

Codebook  for chapter two of Africa: Unity… (LRP 2009)

Data set for Table 2.3 (Excel) of Africa: Unity… (LRP 2009)

Data set for Table 2.4 (Excel) of Africa: Unity… (LRP 2009)

Data set for “Extraversion…” (African Affairs 2012) available upon request.

Data sets for “Tribulations tribales…” (Conjonctures de l’Afrique Centrale 2019, with Alma Bezares Calderon):

1. Bezares & Englebert 2018 DRC Autochthonous Groups by Province

2. Bezares & Englebert 2018 DRC Ethnic Data Main File

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